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The revolution will be adorable.

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Another time, Jack took a call. A voice on the other end said, ‘There are three of us down here in the lobby. We want to see the guy who does this disgusting comic book and show him what real Nazis would do to his Captain America’. To the horror of others in the office, Kirby rolled up his sleeves and headed downstairs. The callers, however, were gone by the time he arrived.

Mark Evanier, Kirby: King of Comics (via nerdhapley)

It’s Jack Kirby’s birthday, so here’s that story of him being bad ass all of the time.

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True fact: during WWII Kirby was assigned as a scout due to his art skills, meaning that he went in alone and unarmed, ahead of Allied attacks so that he could draw enemy fortifications.

Once he was ambushed by three Nazi soldiers, all of them with guns. He killed all three with a knife he stole from one of them.

Dude was verifiably grade-A stone-cold badass.

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And that’s why Jack Kirby was the King.

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Sorry re-upload for the sake of picture quality.

Sherlock - Golden Compass.

All the drawings I’ve made in my Sherlock / Golden Compass project so far. The characters and their daemons.
I’ve titled them (starting at the top left):
The mousy pathologist, the cunning fox, the overseeing owl, the lionheart, the crafty mink and the thieving magpie.

I just love this au and I can’t help but wonder what the names of their daemons are.

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