Goodbye Omelas

The revolution will be adorable.

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What’s that? Over on the horizon? Could it be… YES! YES! I AM PLEASED TO CONFIRM THE SIGHTING OF ANOTHER OT3!

(A grieving Lydia finds the love and support she’s been missing as a partner in Kira and Malia’s budding relationship. Eventually, she confides in them her plans to release Allison from the shadow dimension in which she was trapped by the demon ninjas. Kira is slightly terrified, and Malia is more than slightly skeptical, but really, what chance do the terrors of the void between life and death have against a werecoyote, a kitsune, and a banshee?)

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Filed under someone write the thing or else I will write the thing and I don't trust myself to write the thing obvs they succeed I'm not that cruel perhaps Lydia takes on some kind of psychopomp role? NO I CANNOT WRITE THE THING