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(Updated 12/18/11)

LGBTQ Identities Part I - Sexual Identities

  • Heterosexual: Sexual attraction towards those of a different gender.
  • Homosexual: Sexual attraction towards those of the same gender.
  • Bisexual: Sexual attraction towards two genders or gender the same or different to yours.
  • Pansexual: Sexual attraction towards all genders.
  • Polysexual: Sexual attraction towards multiple genders.
  • Skoliosexual: Sexual attraction towards genderqueer or non-binary people.
  • Androsexuality: Sexual attraction towards men or masculinity.
    *Depending on the person they may use Androphilia. I’ve heard both used for
  • Gynesexuality: Sexual attraction towards women or femininity.
    *Depending on the person that may use Gynophilia.

So, I’m sure most of you are familiar with a similar post that included several icons that had an identity and then a simple definition underneath it. Unfortunately that post was severely problematic. It had exclusive and erasing wording and had several definitions wrong with it.

I decided to create my own with more inclusive language, less erasive language, and proper definitions. (Though definitions can vary from region to region.) These icons are not all of the LGBTQ identities out there.There are limitless identities, and these are just some of the sexual identities that I know of.

This is also not the only one of these I’ll be doing. I’ll be creating more sets. One of which will be for asexual/demisexual/grey-a identities and another will be for gender identities. Stay tuned.

I’m very open to corrections and suggestions as long as they’re not rude.

Where did “skolio” come from? The only translation I’m seeing for that is a Greek root possibly meaning “school.” And I’m hearing it as too close to “scoliosis” (scoli- coming from skolios for “crooked” according to Wikipedia). Was that scoli- where the “skolio” above came from? If so, I see that as too close to the insult of “bent” which used to be used for GLBQ people, which has been reclaimed to an extent but I don’t see it as much in trans/GQ communities. Honestly I’m just curious where it came from because I haven’t heard “skolio” or “skoliosexual” before and I like etymology and word coining.

I haven’t heard of it before either.

But yay, one of these that gets pansexuality right and doesn’t define it as “attraction only to someone’s personality” or whatever I usually see (which is a perfectly valid orientation, but it’s not my definition of pansexuality, anyway.)

Wtf is with all these sexualities? Why are people so obsessed with labels?!

And poly and pan are the same thing.

A. Labels are very important to many people- they can give a sense of belonging, of defining the nebulous that can be REALLY, REALLY valuable. Some people need labels.

B. Yeah, poly is weirdly worded here. Poly and pan are not the same thing at all. I am poly but not pan- I am capable of loving several people at once, but my sexual attraction is primarily towards men and women.

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