Goodbye Omelas

The revolution will be adorable.

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Ravenclaw Leos are brilliant scholars, loudly adding to classroom discussions and impressing others with the breadth, if not depth, of their knowledge. Many find themselves attracted, as well, to positions on the Quidditch team, partly because this lets them use their abundant energy, partly because it allows them to hog the limelight for a few hours while everybody in their House cheers them on. Their optimism and charisma make them friends everywhere, regardless of House affiliation, and their creativity makes them highly inventive in the laboratory. On the other hand, they are prone to fat egos and intellectual arrogance, and this can be intensely annoying. Emotional maturity will eventually teach them that they don’t know everything, and sometimes it’s best to let other people speak up and take the credit.

I’m not intellectually arrogant… I just happen to be better at words. AND I DO NOT “HOG THE LIMELIGHT.” Other people talk sometimes too!

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