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uselesslesbianvampire asked: cate you know what i would give my soul for a spin off featuring jenny adventuring as a time lady with queerness and a diverse cast (It'll never happen and i don't want moffat near it but a girl can dream.)



rtd could write it since jenny is his character, but i’d like river to feature in it every so often because lady needs a life outside the doctor—moffat does respect rtd so i’m sure they’d be able to work something out

so let’s see

rinko kikuchi as saiko, a soldier-turned-mercenary who meets jenny during a bar fight on new earth and sticks by her side from then on

oded fehr as faris, a 12th century scientist who meets jenny and saiko in baghdad and falls in love with saiko during the adventure

antonia thomas as shareen, who happens to be one of rose tyler’s friends but ends up in jenny’s crew when shareen investigates her friend’s death—at the same time jenny is looking into rose’s history

aldis hodge as lucius, a mechanic who is also a kick-ass violinist

alex kingston as river song, who acts as a mentor to jenny but never tells her that she knows her father

and finally, jessica parker kennedy as persephone, a disgraced princess-turned-space pirate who tries to take jenny’s ship and ends up in her bed (and her crew)

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